The health and safety of our colleagues and guests is our number one priority. As we prepare for the re-opening of our hotel and welcoming back our guests that we miss dearly, below is our 8 points plan that we have developed to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and colleagues while at The Hazelton.

1. Screening & Temperature Testing

• All colleagues working in the hotel, inclusive of all the departments (i.e Housekeeping, Engineering, Restaurant, front desk etc..) will be requested to access the hotel from the designated colleague entrance point allowing the designated staff to conduct temperature checks using a digital temperature gun.
• Anyone displaying a temperature over 38.0°C will be required to go through a second temperature test and the completion of a health declaration.
• Colleagues with a confirmed temperature over 38.0°C will not be allowed entry to the property and will be directed towards appropriate medical care.

2. Physical Distancing

• While at check in, check out, by the elevator, or anywhere in the hotel, all guests will be advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least two meters or six feet away from other guests in the hotel or group of guests they are not associated with.
• All colleagues will be reminded to practice the same physical distancing guidelines, by standing at least two meters or six feet away from guests and other colleagues whenever possible.
• Restaurant, bar seating, the lobby and any other physical layouts throughout the hotel will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.
• The hotel will ensure to comply with all city, provincial or legally mandated occupancy limits.
• Signage will be placed to remind guests and colleagues of distancing protocols.
• Food and Beverage areas will reduce seating capacity to allow for a minimum of six feet or two meters between each seated group.

3. Hand Washing, Enhanced Sanitization and Cleaning Protocols

• Working with directives from Health Canada, our colleagues will be asked to wash their hands frequently and at least once per hour.
• Hand sanitizing stations or dispensers, (touchless whenever possible) are placed throughout the hotel and at key guest and colleague entrances, contact areas such as porte cochere vestibule, reception areas, the lobby, the restaurant entrance, board room and event space, elevator landings,
pools, spa and gym areas.

4. Mandatory Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• All colleagues will be asked to wear appropriate masks or face coverings.
• All guests and following the city of Toronto BY-LAW 541-2020 imposing a temporary regulation requiring the wearing of masks or other face coverings within enclosed published spaces, will be asked to wear masks in public areas. Masks will be made available and provided to the guests.
• In the Food and Beverage areas, guests and when wearing a mask, may be required to briefly lower face coverings for identification purposes in compliance with regulatory requirements.

5. Front of house signage

• We will place health and hygiene reminders throughout the property including the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks and face coverings

6. Back of house signage

• We will also place signage throughout the property reminding colleagues of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose masks and face coverings, use gloves, wash hands and avoid touching their face.

7. Colleagues & Guest Health Concerns

• Colleagues are trained and given clear instructions on how to respond swiftly to all presumed case of COVID-19 on property. We will be ready to provide support to our guests.
• Colleagues are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well
• Colleagues are also instructed to contact a manager if they notice a coworker or guest displaying or complaining of a cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, a new loss of taste or smell, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or other known symptoms of COVID-19.
• Colleagues and guests who are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 while at the property are instructed to immediately notify their manager, and hotel front desk.
• Colleagues who are well but have a household member with COVID-19 or is under quarantine, are required and instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days as per the guidelines from Public Health officials.

8. Case Notification

• Colleagues are trained and given clear instructions on how to respond swiftly to all presumed cases of COVID-19 on property. We will be ready to provide support to our guests.
• Assumed or confirmed cases of COVID-19 shall be immediately reported to the authorities in accordance with the directives provided by Toronto Public Health.


The Hazelton Colleagues are vital for an effective health and sanitation program.

Hand Hygiene and Sanitization

• Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of virus.
• Colleagues who donned gloves previously for their work will continue doing so such as food handles and cleaning personnel.
• Colleagues will follow proper gloves donning/doffing procedures. Signs to be posted accordingly.
• Any colleague that needs to enter a guest room must wear gloves.
• All colleagues will be instructed to wash their hands, (or use sanitizer when a sink is not available), every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and after any of the following activities: donning gloves, using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, going on break and before or after starting a shift.
• Prior to starting work, colleagues will clean/disinfect work stations and commonly touched surfaces and tools with an approved disinfectant. This should happen at end of each scheduled shift as well.

COVID-19 Training

• All colleagues will receive mandatory training (Either virtually or through appropriate physical distancing) on COVID-19 disinfection and safety protocols including, but not limited to, proper hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette, proper face covering and PPE usage, physical distancing, the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, COVID-19 symptoms and reporting protocols and the colleague illness and absence policies.
• Department specific procedures and training will also be provided where applicable.
• More comprehensive training will be provided for our teams with frequent guest contact including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and public areas.

COVID-19 Testing & Screening

• All colleagues and upon every shift, will be screened utilizing the questionnaire from the City of Toronto prior to the start of each shift. The answers will be collected and filed. Any cases will be logged accordingly.
• Colleagues with known symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted on the property until they meet Health Canada criteria to return to work.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Appropriate PPE will be provided to colleagues
• Appropriate PPE will be worn by all colleagues based on their role and responsibilities and in adherence to government, provincial, municipal directives by the Officer of Health.
• Training on how to properly use and dispose of all PPE will be done and will be mandatory.
• Gloves will be provided to colleagues whose responsibilities require them as determined by medical experts including housekeeping and public area attendants and security & loss prevention officers in direct contact with guests.

Daily Pre-Shift & Timekeeping

• Colleague pre-shift meetings will be conducted virtually or in areas that allow for appropriate physical distancing between colleagues.
• Larger departments will stagger colleague’s arrival times to minimize traffic volume in back of house corridors and service elevators.
• Hand sanitizer will be available at the timeclock location and colleagues will be required to sanitize their hands after clocking in and throughout their shifts.
• Our management team will ensure constant communication and proper PPE, cleaning, and disinfection procedures are followed and updated per the latest expert guidance.

Sick Call Policy

• Colleagues will be required to follow the updated guidelines of the Sick Call Procedures Policy.


For existing reservations booked directly with us, should you need to rebook or cancel, please call on (416) 963 6300 or email and our team will be happy to assist.

If you booked your stay through an online travel agency or other third party, please call your provider and they will help you rebook or cancel your stay.

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