Arrive In Style: Valet Parking At The Hazelton Hotel Toronto – Where Convenience Meets Luxury

Welcome to The Hazelton Hotel Toronto, where we elevate your stay with our first class valet parking service. Inspired by the splendor of the Hollywood era, we invite you to experience a grand entrance. Our professional valet team awaits your arrival, ready to care for your vehicle with the attention to detail you expect.

Explore the advantages of our valet parking service, the smooth process from arrival to departure, how we prioritize the safety of your vehicle, and how our service enhances your luxury stay.

Benefits of Utilizing Our Premium Service

Experience the comfort and extravagance of our premium service, which extends beyond merely parking your vehicle. Arriving at the Hazelton means stepping into a world of indulgence from the very beginning. Our valet parking service sets the stage for your lavish stay with us.

Enjoy the immediate convenience as our expert team swiftly takes your vehicle to a secure underground parking, freeing you to embark on your Toronto experience unburdened. 

As we effortlessly manage your vehicle, you’ll appreciate how luxury and convenience intersect. Let’s explore this journey from arrival to departure.

The Process: From Arrival to Departure

Experience a smooth transition from the moment you pull up to our grand entrance until your eventual departure. Our process transforms the routine act of parking into an elegant experience.

As you approach the Hazelton Hotel Toronto, our friendly valet team will welcome you curbside and ensure your vehicle is parked securely in our private lot.

When it’s time to depart, a quick request returns your car, ready and waiting, reflecting our commitment to your comfort and ease.

Though straightforward, this process ensures a memorable beginning and conclusion to your stay.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Vehicle

Your car’s safety is our priority. Our valet team is skilled in handling a variety of cars, treating each vehicle with the utmost care and attention.

Upon arrival, your car undergoes a thorough inspection before being parked in our secure, underground parking lot. Your keys are kept in a locked vault, accessible solely by our valet team.

With your vehicle in safe hands, you can focus on enjoying your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates for the valet parking service at The Hazelton Hotel Toronto?

Valet parking operates 24/7 and costs $30 for up to 2 hours; $5 per half hour up to $69. Overnight valet parking is $69 with unlimited in-and-out privileges. The Hazelton is pleased to offer guests two electric car charging stations.

Do I need to book the valet service in advance or can I request it upon arrival?

Our valet service is available upon arrival – no prior arrangements are necessary. Enjoy a stress-free experience as we cater to your needs when you arrive.

Does the valet service operate 24/7 or are there specific operating hours?

We offer a 24/7 valet service at The Hazelton Hotel Toronto. Whether you’re arriving or departing, you can count on our team to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience at any hour, day or night. 

Are there any vehicle restrictions for the valet parking service?

We accommodate a diverse range of vehicles. For more information about any potential height restrictions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the hotel directly. 

Can I use the valet service if I am not staying at the hotel?

Absolutely, our valet service is available to all guests. If you’re dining at ONE restaurant, visiting our serene Spa by Valmont, or simply visiting the Bloor-Yorkville neighborhood, we invite you to enjoy this convenient service. 


At The Hazelton Hotel Toronto, convenience and luxury effortlessly come together. Our top-tier valet service goes beyond parking – it’s your key to a worry-free stay, offering you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands. It’s a testament to our dedication to delivering the best service possible, reflecting our commitment to excellence.